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Information and Sign-ups

How Secret Santa Works: In order for SS to be successful, each participant should fill a request and in turn, get one of their requests fulfilled. Requests and fills can be either fanart or fanfiction. Each participant will need to join the community in order to post.

The Rules: All requests MUST be Germany x Italy or HRE x Chibitalia, this is NOT a general APH exchange.

Fanart: Fanart (or fancomics) are readily accepted. Please make these clean and NOT doodles, scribbles, etc. It should be apparent at least some effort went into these. ♥

Fanfiction: A minimum of 1000 words is required. Proof-reading your own work is highly encouraged.

Deadlines: Deadline for sign-up to participate is November 15th at 11:59 EST. Posting will begin December 25th and will continue to January 1st. Posting information will be posted after sign-ups are closed.

How to sign up!: Please fill out the form in its entirety to this SCREENED post.

Questions? Ask them here or feel free to PM me.
Tags: !rules, information, sign-up
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